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About Jerry

Jerry's style of teaching and knowledge of the game coupled with his endless enthusiasm has led to his success not only in the U.S. and Canada, but Europe as well.  He has taught thousands of players with a remarkable success rate; amateurs and pros alike, all to their great satisfaction.

Jerry was instrumental in setting up the The Billiard Congress of America instructor program which is now PBIA, and has hundreds of qualified instructors throughout the United States.  Jerry also helped set up two very successful pool schools in Europe. Jerry is also an ACS Level 4 Instructor.

Some of the great professional players Jerry has coached include Jeanette Lee, otherwise known as "The Black Widow".  Another is Mark Wilson, who is also a very talented instructor and has a successful Pool school in the St. Louis area. Others include; Tony Robles, Jeff Carter, Jimmy Wetch, Angelina Paglia and Danny Harriman to name a few.

Jerry Briesath instructing Jeneatte Lee (aka The Black Widow)

Jerry's Pool School is the longest running and most successful school in the USA, and there's no doubt that Jerry's knowledge and teaching skills have produced more great players than anyone else in the world.

The Pool School

Most of Jerry's classes are one-on-one. This results in a very private, relaxed atmosphere for the student. The classes start with Jerry setting up a series of shots for the student to shoot while being videotaped.  Then each shot is reviewed and Jerry explains to the student the things he notices. Before each shot is reviewed, Jerry will explain to the student the things he notices that need adjustment and why.  When the student watches the video he or she sees exactly what Jerry is talking about whether it's the pre--shot routine, stroke, breaking the balls, timing of the swing, body movement or any other mechanics associated with the shot.

After all shots are observed and discussed, the student is moved to the table where the learning and fun begins.  Almost all class time is spent at the table improving the students game with very little classroom time.  When the student leaves the Pool School he or she will play much better and know exactly why he or she is breaking the balls straighter and harder, playing better position, using force follow and the force draw much better,banking and kicking much better and finally shooting off the rail with much more confidence. The student will also learn valuable practice techniques and drills to use when he or she returns home.

When a professional player comes to Jerry's Pool school he or she is usually looking for a better understanding and knowledge of the mechanics and discipline of the game to get that "edge" needed to win at the professional level.

The class consists of a minimum of four hours of instructions per day and most students come in for a three-day session.  Students can also come in for a one or two-day session but, if they come from a great distance, a three-day session is best.

The Pool School is open all year, including weekends and the scheduling is done by phone. Call Jerry at (608) 279-9994.


Jerry's Pool School is located in Phoenix AZ at another great billiard center called "Bull Shooters Billiards".


A beautiful room with state-of-the-art video equipment is used for Jerry's Pool School in the New and Beautiful "Brass Ring "
in Madison WI.

Jerry Briesath Teaching Pool Lesson to a student

Pool School On the Road

If you have a group of 3 to 10 people in your area interested in The Pool School, it would be much less expensive for you to fly Jerry to your town rather than all of you coming to Madison, WI or Phoenix, AZ. Call for details.

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